Samsung Care Plus

Samsung Care Plus : Should You Get It?

Samsung Care Plus
Samsung Care Plus

Samsung Care Plus is an extended warranty. Most individuals will skip it to save money. You’re safe from ordinary mishaps with a case and screen protector.

If you’re upgrading to a Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4, it may seem like a good idea. These pricey devices with distinctive screens are subject to damage, so insurance can help.
Just because you have a foldable phone or Samsung flagship doesn’t guarantee the plan is ideal. This guide explains Samsung Care Plus and if you should subscribe.

Samsung Care Plus

Care Plus extends Samsung’s warranty on smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets, home appliances, TVs, and monitors. Samsung Premium Care became Care Plus in 2020. The scheme intends to repair and replace Samsung smartphones quickly.

It’s like AppleCare, which people may buy with their new devices. Both offer added protection against damage or malfunction. Modern electronics are so durable that extra coverage isn’t always necessary. Foldable repairs might be costly.

Care Plus Cost

Care Plus costs $4, $9, $11 or $13 per month, depending on device. (It’s available in the UK and Australia, but terms vary.) The membership renews monthly for three years unless you cancel or Samsung terminates for nonpayment.

Foldable owners pay $13 monthly. Those who received a free year from a presale promotion will be billed monthly after the first year until they cancel or reach year 3 of device ownership, whichever comes first.

What Care Plus Covers ?

Care Plus covers power surges, unintentional damage, manufacturer shipments for replacement or repair, and Asurion tech assistance. In addition, Care Plus includes the manufacturer’s warranty, and other plan coverage begins immediately after the warranty expires, according to the Care Plus Service Contract Coverage document.

Samsung Care Plusf covers replacements and repairs for typical wear & tear, drops, spills, and cracks. Care Plus’ FAQ limits accidental repairs and replacements to three per year. Mechanical failures, like battery failure, have no repair restrictions or expenses.

Samsung’s mechanical failure coverage includes batteries. Samsung also covers free breakdowns caused by poor materials or design.
Accidental damage, such dropping the phone, costs $249 per incident. Including liquid damage. Coffee spills, water damage, and other liquids are covered for $249.

Cracking or damaging your screen costs $249, and you can replace it three times a year (for $249 each time). The cost is a discount from replacing the inner screens without coverage, but with the Flip, it may not make sense unless you’re accident-prone. If both displays are damaged in the same accident, you’ll only pay $249.

If your one-year warranty has gone and you don’t have Samsung Care Plus, the inside Z Fold 3 display repair will cost $479 and the outside $149. Replacement costs for the Z Flip 3 inner screen are $349 and $99, respectively. Care Plus costs the same for inner, outer, and Z Flip cover screens. Care Plus isn’t necessary for outside screens.

Where Can Fixed Devices?

uBreakiFix, Samsung-authorized service shops, can help with repairs and replacements. Enter your ZIP code on uBreakiFix. Carry-in, curbside, house visit, and mail-in repairs are available.

Asurion administers Care Plus, which insures smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. Asurion decides whether to fix or replace your phone. After assessing your claim, Asurion will tell you whether to ship your device or visit uBreakiFix. Again, different companies in different nations will manage these.

How To Subscribe

Samsung Care Plus can be purchased during checkout if you haven’t bought a Samsung device. Moreover, Samsung phones have two subscription options:

Samsung Members app. You can download this app from the Play Store if it’s not already on your Samsung phone.
Through Samsung’s website. Registering online requires your device’s IMEI number.
Samsung Care Plus membership cancellation choices. Or,

  • 24/7 hotline: 1-866-371-9051
  • My Subscriptions on Samsung’s website
  • E-mail :

You’ll get a full refund if you cancel within 30 days.

Why Samsung Care+?

Modern phones and tablets are well-made. Especially if you buy from Samsung. You may question why you need Samsung Care+. Some devices, like the latest folding phones, are more delicate. Samsung Care Plus shines here.

Because repairing a broken Galaxy Fold or Flip is cheaper. The $249 screen repair cost for a dual-screen gadget includes both displays. If you crack both Galaxy Z Fold screens, you’ll pay $249 total.

After your usual warranty expires, Samsung Care Plus is a good safety measure. Modern phones have front and back glass, so it’s extremely useful. Samsung Care Plus protects your phone, foldable or not.


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