Repair Mode

Samsung Galaxy smartphones get ‘Repair Mode’ to protect data

Repair Mode

Samsung’s “Repair Mode” prevents third-parties from accessing personal data on Galaxy handsets.

The new mode is exclusively available in South Korea, reports The Register. Samsung’s Korean site reveals the Galaxy S21 series will get it first. Future models and areas will get Repair Mode.

“Battery and Device Care” in Settings enables Repair Mode. It requires a phone reboot, after which no personal data is available, including images, texts, or login-required accounts, such as emails, social media, or applications that track workouts or periods.

Samsung says only “default installed apps” will load. Exiting repair mode requires a fingerprint or security code before rebooting to unlock data.
Samsung sees this new mode as especially useful when sending a phone for repair. I can imagine it being utilised at an airport or somewhere a phone might be stolen or confiscated.

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Samsung’s new Galaxy mode prevents repair professionals from accessing private data.



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SamMobile observed Samsung’s Korean press release announcing Repair Mode.


This is a useful privacy feature when a consumer offers someone their device. When repairs are needed, it’s an act of trust that the technicians fixing your phone – your main camera and storage device — only conduct the required fixes.


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Technicians have exploited their access. Apple settled a lawsuit last year over two iPhone repair professionals who released a woman’s images and videos on Facebook after getting them while repairing her phone.

Samsung said it would first offer Repair Modde to Galaxy S21 in a software update and then to “some other models in the future”

Samsung has established the Samsung Knox Vault, an isolated region for sensitive data protected by hardware-based security.

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