Samsung hacks

Samsung Hacks US Customers

Samsung hacks

Samsung hacks data, A hacker may have obtained consumer information from Samsung’s US infrastructure.

Friday; Samsung emailed impacted customers about the late-July hack. On or around August 4; 2022, the organisation learned that client data was compromised.

The business said the breach may have impacted “name; contact and demographic information; date of birth; and product registration information”

“Customer details may vary. The corporation is alerting consumers. Samsung said no consumer devices or Social Security data were compromised in the incident.

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However, Unknown number of impacted clients. Samsung claims if you got an email regarding the hack; you’re impacted. Therefore, “If our investigation determines the event warrants additional notice; we’ll contact you.”
Moreover, Samsung said it gathered the data “to improve our goods and services” Product and warranty registrations may provide the details.

In addition, Samsung warns vulnerable consumers of phishing emails that beg for personal information. However,  These emails might be used to install malware or steal identities.
Samsung’s email informs impacted consumers that they are entitled to one free credit report yearly from each of the three main national credit reporting bureaus.

Furthermore; Samsung has secured its IT after the attack. The Korean electronics retailer contacted law police and engaged a cybersecurity firm to investigate.

Finally, Who hacked is unknown. Samsung hasn’t responded; we’ll update if they do.

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