Samsung The Wall All-in-One

Samsung The Wall All-In-One And Flip Pro Shows

Samsung The Wall All-in-One

The Samsung The Wall All-in-One is a Micro-LED screen designed for professional use. Black Seal technology, which improves contrast and detail, is used in displays measuring 110 inches and 146 inches respectively. The company Samsung claims that their product “uniformly covers the screen.”
The Ultra Chroma technology improves the screen’s colour reproduction. The aspect ratio of the Samsung The Wall All-in-One unit is 16:9.

Installation of the screen is simplified by features such as its pre-fitted seam and “Pre-Assembled Frame Kit.” A control box, wall mounts, speakers, and deco frames are all included in the Wall All-in-One package.

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The Samsung Flip Pro

Both the 75-inch and the 85-inch Samsung Flip Pro are intended to be used in educational settings. The pen and brush modes allow for authentic writing and erasing with the sweep of a finger or the palm of your hand.
The display has a toggle button for the note layer, as well as a quick tool and a palette menu. The OPS slot, USB C, HDMI, and DP connections are all included in the Flip Pro.

Additional features like as screen mirroring, touch control, and charging for external devices are also offered (maximum 65W).


Samsung The Wall All-in-One costs Rs 90,000, whereas Samsung Flip Professional costs Rs 5,000.

When the shows will air is unknown.


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