Samsung Unveils 8K TV Series At IFA


Giant 8K TV have been a show-floor mainstay at IFA since 2018; but 8K entertainment remains vaporware.

This year; a TVs vendor showed showcased 8K displays and native 8K content to view on them: season 3 of Sky’s drama Das Boot; accessible on Samsung’s TV Plus streaming app since July 6.

Samsung buried this development; instead highlighting Amazon showed 8K previews of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Wednesday. First 8K series on Samsung Neo QLED 8K; says a “Ahoi 8K” sign at Samsung’s IFA pavilion.

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This option requires a 2020 or newer Samsung 8K TV and a 40Mbps internet connection. If others are online, we recommend a faster connection.
8K programming is limited to NHK’s 2021 Tokyo Olympics broadcast. YouTube provides 8K clips you can watch on a TV with Android TV; gaming consoles support 8K output; and 8K-capable smartphones can capture it.

Market Up & Down

Manufacturers claim how nicely 8K televisions upscale 4K and HD content. Other IFA exhibitors agree. Samsung hasn’t announced a similar 8K exclusivity for US consumers.

As more 8K TVs reach homes; the entertainment sector may start delivering 8K material in addition to 4K. Samsung’s 8K selection now starts at $2,800 for a 65-inch model; but sales haven’t increased.

Omnia reported paltry 2021 sales of 8K sets—a tad more than 350,000 units globally; only 0.15% of total TVs shipments—and anticipated just 2.7 million homes will have an 8K set by 2026.
Even in Japan; the only market offering 8K material at the moment; users have avoided the format.

“No areas hit 1% of homes with a large enough viewership to be economically interesting”; she added. “With TVs providers battling with 4K UHD; 8K  limited viewership seems undesirable to content developers.”

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