Sony FR7 PTZ Cameras

Sony FR7 PTZ Cameras Have Swapable Lenses

Sony FR7 PTZ Cameras

Sony’s newest cinema camera isn’t field or set-ready. The Sony FR7 PTZ Cameras is for remote broadcast and live event control. This is a fixed-point PTZ camera controlled from a taxi. Fixed lenses and smaller image sensors have been employed thus far. Sony’s FR7 changes that.

Instead of a fixed lens, the FR7 supports interchangeable E-mount lenses, and the image sensor is the same full-frame chip included in the FX6 cinema camera. With 4K60 recording with 10-bit 4:2:2 sampling, electronic variable ND control to maintain set exposure while changing light, and face and eye detection autofocus with subject tracking, it’s more camera photo than many of us will ever need.
Sony targets high-end clients with this product. In addition, One person offered YouTube cookery videos, serial plays, and concert and wedding locations for transmission. Since it has the same image processing as the FX6, broadcasters may use out-of-the-box profiles like S-Cinetone. Multi-camera synchronisation is possible with Genlock.

Moreover, The FR7 adds to the company’s varied array of cameras and includes PTZ possibilities. It may be positioned horizontally or vertically and uses AC or PoE power. There are two CFe (Type A)/SDXC (UHS-II) card ports for internal recording, plus SDI, HDMI, optical, and more.

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Sony FR7 PTZ Cameras. Even so,  It can pan -170 to +170 degrees and tilt -30 to +195 degrees. Optical zoom limits traditional PTZ cameras. But, Sony’s previous model zoomed 40x. With FR7 and E-Mount lens interchangeability, this camera’s flexibility is limited by what lenses you have.
FR7 shoots 4K at 120 fps and full HD at 240 fps. Sony’s S-Cinetone and S-Log3 gamma are supported.


The camera works with Sony’s RM-IP500 remote. Therefore, this controller controls 100 PTZ cameras remotely. 100 camera position presets may be programmed. programmable and button-recallable. However, Sony’s FR7 has an integrated electronic variable ND filter that can auto-adjust for changing light. This camera’s ISO may be changed to 800 or 12,800 for low light. ISO may reach 409,600 in poor light.

The FR7 supports CFexpress Type A and SDXC memory cards. Internally, these cards record XAVC-1 4:2:2 10-bit.

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