PlayStation 5

Sony Raises PlayStation 5 Prices Everywhere Except The US

PlayStation 5

Sony is boosting the price of the PlayStation 5 system over the globe. However, the US being the only major market to continue with previous prices.

The PlayStation 5 will cost more than $50 in Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. But just $400 in the United States for the Digital Edition. The price rise comes out to about $35-$50 depending on the market and is effective as of this morning (except in Japan).

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Posting on the PlayStation.Blog; Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan noted the hike was required owing to. “high global inflation rates, as well as, adverse currency trends; impacting consumers and creating pressure on many industries.” He goes on to explain that; the objective for Sony is to continue to try and expand availability of the console. Moreover, Since they are still incredibly hard to find in stock anyplace.
Sony recently raised prices after announcing; a new Dual Sense Edge controller and a release date for PlayStation VR2 early 2023.  It appears probable both of those PlayStation 5 goods will also be influenced by inflation and currency changes. Its mean they might bear a cheaper price in the US than anywhere else. Microsoft will wind up boosting the price of the Xbox Series; X and Series S in the weeks ahead.

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