Sony's PlayStation 5

Sony’s PlayStation 5 shaves 300 grammes off

Sony's PlayStation 5

Sony has just increased the price of the Sony’s PlayStation 5 in every market outside the United States. However, the company has also improved the console’s internals and made it lighter.

In August of 2016, Sony started offering lighter Disc and Digital Sony’s PlayStation 5 to consumers. Sony has just made an announcement in Australia regarding new versions of their CFI-1202B; and CFI-1202A (Disc console) that weigh less.

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On September 15, Australia will have the CF-1200 before Japan does. The weight of the digital console has been reduced by 200 grammes. But, when compared to the model from the previous year and by 500 grammes when compared to the launch model. The weight of the disc console has been reduced by 300 grammes (600 grammes lighter than launch model).

The year before, a more compact heatsink was used to keep the CPUs and memory cool, which resulted in a weight reduction. In May, it was rumoured that the PlayStation 5 would have a 6nm chip. If this is the case, Sony might decrease the size of the heatsink and shave off about 300 grammes of weight as a result of the more efficient processor. We won’t be able to figure it out until someone disassembles one of the new CF-1200s.

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