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Spotify Premium Cancellation

Spotify Premium
Spotify Premium Cancellation

Spotify Premium is a prominent music service with 182+ million paying customers. The Swedish company is holding its own in the sector but has made initiatives to expand sales. Increasing competition from Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal, and others is forcing some consumers to switch.
Spotify established a new free tier in hopes that users will switch to a paying subscription. Before the launch, Spotify had two tiers: ad-free for $9.99 per month and free with ads. The former allows you download music to listen offline and doesn’t restrict access; the latter limits songs, playlists, and shuffle. The new Spotify Free tier allows on-demand listening to 15 Discovery playlists.
Student, Family, and Spotify Duo are also available (for two people at a discounted price). Each rung is market-competitive. If you want to save money monthly, cancel your subscription.

Here’s how to cancel Spotify Premium.


Spotify has millions of songs and podcasts. According to Statista, Spotify has 172 million paid customers in Q2 2021. This audio service lets you build podcast and playlist collections and get taste-based suggestions. You may select between free and paid features of the app. Let’s examine user choices.

Subscription Plans

Spotify’s free music is interrupted by commercials. Spotify Premium removes advertisements, allows offline listening, and improves audio quality. You can pick a plan based on your needs.

Individual subscriptions cost $9.99 per month.
“Duo” costs $12.99 per month for two accounts.
“Family” costs $15.99/month.
“Student” costs $4.99/month.

Before Deleting Your Account

  • You can’t access your playlists or followers after deleting your Spotify account.
  • If you used a student discount, you can’t use it on another Spotify account for a year.
  • Delete your account to remove your login.

You can’t reuse the same Spotify username.
You must cancel Spotify Premium or wait until it ends before cancelling your account. Spotify accounts can be restored after seven days.

Spotify account deletion

Before deactivating your account, cancel Spotify Premium. Only “free” Spotify users can remove their accounts.

1. Log into Spotify in any web browser.

2. Log in, then visit the Close Account page and click the green button.

3. Delete your account by clicking Continue and acknowledging what you’ll lose.

4. Spotify emails you. Click Close My Account in the email.

Clicking that link will terminate your Spotify account. They’ll erase it in a week.
They’ll also send you another email with a “reactivation link.” Spotify will restore your account if you click this link this week.


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