Car Thing

Spotify Stops Car Thing Music Player Production

Car Thing

Spotify’s “Car Thing” Music player for automobiles has been discontinued.

Spotify’s Q2 earnings report noted the suspension (Opens in a new window). Spotify said poor demand and supply chain issues compelled it to halt production.

Spotify’s CarThing explored in-car listening to provide audio to more users and automobiles. Spotify has stopped making CarThings due to demand and supply chain concerns, a spokesman stated.

Spotify’s website still sells CarThing. The device is $49.99, down from $89.99.
Existing devices will work as planned, and Spotify will continue to support them. This endeavour has revealed beneficial insights, and we remain focused on the car as an essential Music player.
Spotify paid for these “helpful learnings.” Spotify’s higher-than-expected gross margin was due to a €31 million charge to stop Automobile manufacturing.
Five months after its US launch, the company is also discontinuing CarThing. The attachment offers Spotify Premium customers a customised in-car listening experience. The outcome was a phone-like device that can be put in a car and has a huge dial to change songs.

Our analysis found no notable advantages versus using the Spotify app on a smartphone. Laggy voice instructions and no navigation were other drawbacks.


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