Stranger Things and The Witcher on Netflix Now Have Spatial Audio, Thanks to Netflix


A new feature on Netflix called Spatial Audio has been added to some original programming. This is the outcome of a collaboration between the streaming service and the German audio manufacturer Sennheiser.” This year’s offerings include The Adam Project, Castlevania: Symphony of the Vampire and The Witcher, among others.

The programme works “regardless of the device you use to watch Netflix” according to an official blog post. Simply type “Spatial Audio” into the search bar of the streaming service to find out which productions use it. Spatial audio on iPhones and iPads running iOS 14 or higher was already supported as of August 2021, when the platform was updated.

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Spatial audio: what is it?

Using spatial audio, you may create an immersive movie theatre experience by converting stereo output into three-dimensional sounds. However, it can also be used on televisions and computers if they have a Spatial Audio-capable headphone or headphones.

Netflix’s decision to provide the new feature comes at a crucial time. The company’s pricing has been widely criticised, and it has recently begun to lose subscribers in droves.

When you use a stereo to view Netflix, you’ll be immersed in the story thanks to Netflix spatial audio, which enables you to enjoy an immersive cinematic experience on any stereo system. As of right now, you can listen to spatial audio in our catalogue by putting “spatial audio” into the search bar and then choosing a show or film that supports it from the search results. It will be available across all of our titles. We’re delighted to add this capability to the other technologies we support, such as 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos®, and Netflix Calibrated Mode, because it will bring viewers closer to the story.


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