Tensor Pixelbook

Tensor Pixelbook Has Been Cancelled By Google.

Tensor Pixelbook
Google’s Tensor Pixelbook

The Tensor Pixelbook Go starts at $649 for a Core m3, 8GB RAM, and 64GB storage.

Google’s hardware division can’t make trustworthy products. Edge reports that Google has “cancelled the upcoming Pixelbook and sacked its employees.” Only third-party manufacturers will make new Chromebooks.

Chromebook Go, introduced in 2019, is still available on store.google.com. Shortly after introducing this product, messages arose about laptop and tablet sales. Android has revived tablet sales, but laptop sales are dropping. Last plausible Google laptop rumours were before the Tensor/Pixel 6 debut. Along with Pixel 6 phone speculations, a laptop version chip was also speculated. Rick Osterloh, Google’s VP of hardware, claimed in May that the firm will “make Pixelbooks in the future.” A report said the gadget was “far advanced in development and slated to arrive next year” before it was scrapped.

The Pixelbook team was disbanded due to Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s cost-cutting. Google’s CEO warned in August that the corporation will “consolidate where investments overlap and simplify procedures” According to The Verge, the Pixelbook team and device have been consolidated and redeployed.

Pixelbook 2

Will there be a Pixelbook 2? Google launched the Pixelbook Go in 2019, as planned. This wasn’t a followup to 2017’s Pixelbook.
Google introduced the Pixel Slate, a Chrome OS tablet/hybrid like the Surface. Neither was a real Pixelbook follow-up. Google abandoned Chrome OS tablets when the Pixel Slate flopped.

With the Pixel Slate series ending and the Pixelbook Go launching in 2019, a Pixelbook 2 seems imminent. Google’s Rick Osterloh said there would be more Pixelbooks. He wouldn’t say when.
The Verge reports that Google altered its mind after Osterloh’s comments. Anonymous source claims Google has cancelled Pixelbook 2. Google may have relocated the whole Pixelbook staff to other divisions, hinting to the line’s death.

The Pixelbook Go is still available, so Google isn’t completely out.

Pixelbook 2 Launch

We hoped to see the Google Pixelbook 2 in September 2020. Google released the Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, Nest Audio, and Chromecast with Google TV, but not a Pixelbook. After that, we hoped for a Pixelbook 2 introduction at the Pixel Fall Launch event in October 2021, where the Pixel 6 range debuted.
In October 2017, Google unveiled the initial Pixelbook. Pixel Slate was introduced in 2018 and Pixelbook Go in 2019. We assumed the Pixelbook will debut at the same event in 2020 or 2021.

With the latest rumour predicting no Pixelbook continuance, we must infer there is no release date.

Specifications, Layout

The first Pixelbook had a 3:2 touchscreen. The Pixelbook’s 18:9 display set it apart from other laptops. Pixelbook 2’s aspect ratio?
No, we think. The Pixelbook Go, Pixel’s latest laptop, has a 16:9 display. The Pixel Slate’s lacklustre sales may indicate that buyers don’t desire 3:2. Google may have abandoned the 3:2 design to be competitive, as no other major laptop brand adopted it.
The redesigned Pixelbook would have had luxury materials and a robust spec list. Stylus compatibility and newer technologies like Wi-Fi 6E, Thunderbolt 3, etc. would have been expected in the Pixelbook 2.

Also, the processor. Pixel 6 phones use Google’s Tensor CPU. Could Google have used this chipset tensor Pixelbook? We have evidence that supports this theory.
@AppleLe257 leaked “official” Pixelbook 2 renders in November 2021. Leak shows orange, green, yellow, blue, and pink Pixelbook 2 colours. The leaker says the Pixelbook 2 will include a 13.3-inch screen with Google Tensor. These may have been Google’s plans before cancelling the project.

Pixelbook 2 Cost

The first Pixelbook’s $1,000 price tag drew criticism (as did the high pricing of the Pixel Slate). We suspect Google wanted to introduce a cheaper Pixelbook.
Recent Pixel price supports this theory. The Pixel 5 started cheaper than the Pixel 4 and Pixel 3. The Pixel 6 is reasonably priced. Google might have cut the Pixelbook 2’s pricing. It seems unlikely, therefore we may never know.


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