Tesla Unlimited Standard Plan Lasts 8 Years


Tesla owners formerly got Standard Connectivity for free for an infinite duration; but that suddenly changed.

Standard and Premium Tesla connectivity packages include internet for navigation. Premium unlocks live traffic visualisation; sentry mode (live camera), satellite-view maps, video streaming, Caraoke, music streaming, and internet surfing.

“Standard Connectivity is included in your vehicle; at no additional cost; for eight years beginning on the first day your vehicle was delivered as new by Tesla; or the first day it is put into service.”

Tesla began charging a monthly subscription for “premium connectivity” in 2018 to access data-heavy services. Company owners must pick whether to spend $10 per month for premium connectivity.

Tesla says if you buy a used Tesla; you’ll know how long Standard Connectivity will be available. After that, the only way to continue using the navigation capabilities is to buy the Premium Connectivity package.

This new limit will affect used Teesla buyers more than new buyers. It’s hard to estimate the state of electric vehicles in eight years, although batteries, weight, and range will likely improve.

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In addition, Tesla’s connectivity packages have been relatively generous compared to the rest of the industry.

This gets them closer to industry standards; however eight years of connectivity with navigation is better than most.


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