TikTok Now Sells Event Tickets.


Ticketmaster and TikTok are working to offer an in-app event discovery feature. TikTok users may now buy event tickets through the app. Creators can add Ticketmaster links to their videos. Ticketmaster said the new function will debut with chosen creators and expand over time.

After tapping the new Ticketmaster option before submitting a video, eligible creators can pick “Add link.” Creators can search Ticketmaster for any event and then click “Add to video” Once artists publish their film, the bottom-left will display the event URL so viewers may buy tickets in-app.
Ticketmaster says it wants to reach fans on TikTok. The business believes the arrangement will help event organisers access ticket buyers. Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, Usher, Backstreet Boys, WWE, and others have signed up to use the app, Ticketmaster said.

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Five months ago, Ticketmaster launched a tool for Snapchat users to discover live events. Based on user preferences, the tool recommends events. See whether your friends have matched the same event if you find something interesting. After selecting an event, you’re sent to Ticketmaster to buy tickets.
The company’s cooperation with TikTok improves how fans discover events on their favourite platforms. Ticketmaster’s relationships with TikTok and Snapchat suggest that it wants to reach younger people.

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