TikTok Tests HTML5 Mobile Games


HTML5-based games may be played in TikTok’s in-app browser, not iOS or Android native titles.

Nitro Games developed Peek a Who and Space Destroyer, Voodoo made Influencer Run and Pride Run, while FRVR made Basketball FRVR. I couldn’t identify that company, however Lotum is a mobile games studio.

TikTok has also encouraged Aim Lab, a PC “aim trainer” to produce a mobile game named Mr. Aim Lab’s Nightmare.

HTML5 games make more sense than native games for several reasons. TikTok won’t send users to the App Store, Google Play, or the game. This makes launching games easier for users and lets TikTok and its partners sidestep Apple and Google’s restrictions.

None of these games take advantage of HTML5, but TikTok can change its strategy in the future. (Until Apple and Google implement regulations prohibiting monetizing browser-based games in native apps.) Its next movements may depend on the games’ popularity.
This strategy works. FarmVille: The New York Times states that the game peaked at “32 million daily active users and nearly 85 million players over all,” which “helped transform Facebook from a place you went to check in on updates—mostly in text form—from friends and family into a time-eating destination itself.” Zynga, thanks!

Meta is trying to make Facebook and Instagram resemble TikTok. TikTok is becoming more like the old Facebook by adding browser-based games. This trial shows that TikTok is prepared to learn from its competitors instead of resting on its laurels.


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