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Trick To Save On Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max

Disney Plus

You subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or HBO Max, stream your favourite series, then hunt for something new. Is it worth having numerous memberships if you’re not using them? Nope.

Even subscribing to five streaming providers can cost more than $50 per month. (Check out Disney Plus pricing.) Here’s a money-saving tip.

Here’s how to master our money-saving approach.

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Streaming service rotation

Streaming is cheaper than cable for cord-cutters. Because consumers can sign up for monthly contracts, it’s easy to switch streaming services when costs rise or content runs out. According to Deloitte’s 2022 Media Trends research, cost and lack of fresh content are why individuals discontinue streaming subscriptions. Companies term this “churn.” Rotation technique.

Why? Save money, prevent content droughts. House of the Dragon or The Real Housewives may debut on a service. Wait until all episodes are available on a platform. Once the episodes are available, you resubscribe to HBO Max, Disney Plus, or another provider. My monthly guide to cancelling streaming services can assist.

Negatives? You can’t view every show until the complete season airs. Because many streaming services release new episodes weekly, you may not be caught up with your friends. If you like to view episodes as soon as they’re released, you may want numerous memberships. Patience can save money.

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If you have a live TV streaming service, you can also use this method. Once the season ends, cancel the service and save, or switch to Sling TV.

Step:1.  cancel your streaming service before being charged.

Remind yourself of your billing cycle and forthcoming TV and movie releases. Start or stop a subscription early. JustWatch, TV Time, and Hobi allow you find streaming TV series and movies.

Step:2. Streaming service deal

Find streaming discounts. Starz is providing a special pricing of $5 per month for three months, substantially halving its $9 monthly rate. The Disney Bundle offers Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus at a discount. Disney Plus is $3 for Hulu subscribers. Check your mobile provider for free streaming subscriptions.

Step:3. Choose default streamers

Choose one or two must-have services for the year and one or two more to meet your budget. Rotate the extra service(s) so you don’t miss your favourite shows while staying within your budget.

Step:4. Pay monthly

Avoid annual subscriptions and auto-renewal dates. Even if you’re merely using a free trial, your billing cycle might assist you decide whether to cancel.

Step:5. Don’t cancel streaming, pause it.

Hulu and Sling enable you to pause your subscription for up to 12 weeks. Check with your streaming provider for temporary breaks.

You can unsubscribe if you don’t like it. Check out our guide to Netflix’s secret tactics for additional streaming TV advice.


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