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Truth Social Is Censoring Content Despite Its Stated Commitment To Openness.

Truth Social

Truth Social, Donald Trump’s social network, was launched in February of this year. A challenger to the likes of Facebook and Twitter in the social media arena. While this may be the case, a new analysis shows that the platform has been actively banning messages and individuals.

According to Public Citizen’s study, moderators have restricted or erased recent posts from the site entirely. The posts include anti-Trump rhetoric and leftist goals, such as details of the inquiry into the January 2021 Capitol invasion……………………………………

However, even posts that do not include any criticism of the former president of the United States are being taken down. According to Cheyenne Hunt-Mayer, the report’s author, “Abortion is public health” was one of the results of a series of studies she conducted. Although the message appeared to have been published, Mayer was unable to locate her personal page.

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The Reaction On Social Media

Links to Breitbart and other far-right websites, as well as pro-gun statements, were also removed. Other times, users complained that they could not write critical comments about US support for Ukraine.

Truth Social responded to Business Insider by saying that shadow banning is a “a deception and a manipulative practise”. It has never used or will employ this tool in the future. The site also believes its artificial intelligence can identify and eliminate items deemed to be of extreme violence or pornography.

Since its launch, Truth Social has gotten an official web version, although analysts consider the social network a massive flop.

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