Twitter Fights Midterm Disinformation


Twitter Civic Integrity Policy will be implemented in 2022.

Before the 2020 presidential election; the firm expanded its Civic Integrity Policy. Moreover, “further protect against content that could suppress the vote and help stop the spread of harmful misinformation. However, that could compromise the integrity of an election or other civic process”. Now it wants to apply same measures to the November 2022 midterms.

Twitter is the place to find real-time; reliable information about the 2022 midterms;whether you’re looking for breaking news from reporters; information on voting, or policy positions from candidates”. Twitter adds (Opens in a new window). “We aim to enable healthy civic conversation on Twitter. Therefore, ensuring people have the context they need to make informed decisions about content they encounter.”

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Twitter aims to mark accounts of candidates for office. Create a midterm elections Explore button; and prevent push notifications from recommending deceptive posts.

Twitter is reinstating “prebunks” to “get ahead of misleading narratives on Twitteer; and to proactively address topics that may be the subject of misinformation.” In the coming months, Facebook will “place prompts directly on people’s timelines in the US and in Search when people type related terms, phrases, or hashtags”

It wants to protect government officials, politicians; journalists, and more before the midterms. Twitter will improve malware detection, roll out “increased login defences,” and introduce “expedited account recovery support to ensure account security issues are resolved quickly.”
This uneven response underscores how much work Twitteer needs to do before an election, from misinformation to account security to platform misuse. The corporation isn’t simply dealing with a temperamental; poop-emoji-flinging billionaire; it’s trying to protect the election process.


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