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Twitter Thread

Why are Twitter threads so confusing? Twitter developed these after users made them ad hoc. Twitter limits tweet length, so people post several in a sequence.

In ancient days (think 2012), people constructed threads by numbering tweets so readers understood how to read them. Twitter later added threads. Now, reply to your initial tweet with another and another. Despite this, making and reading threads is confusing.

Twitter recognises generating and reading threads isn’t optimal, so the firm announced Notes, which might replace threads. Notes allows longer posts, like a blog. As of this writing, only a small group can try it out, and there’s no official release date. Threads have advantages over Notes. When you add to a thread, it resurfaces in Twitter’s algorithmic timeline.

Typefully and Threadreader help if you don’t have Twitter Notes.

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Typefully creates whole threads

There are a few techniques to creating a Twitter thread. Always reply to the latest tweet. Because you can’t see and edit all the entries in a thread before pressing Tweet, you must read and rewrite your messages carefully to ensure they’re in logical sequence and clearly connected.

Typefully provides a simple interface for writing Twitter threads. Just post. Text beyond a tweet’s character limit is marked in red as you type. Double-enter splits paragraphs into tweets. When you’re ready, publish the thread.
Typefully is a web app with no mobile or browser extensions. Sign into Twitter when you visit Typefully. Create a thread then. Here’s a great example:
Typefully offers previews as you type and lets you add pictures and links.

High Fidelity mode lets you preview tweets as you edit.
As my test results show, Typefully works effectively. Paid plans (beginning at $10 per month) let you schedule threads, examine analytics, and automatically schedule retweets. If you merely want to start threads, the free version’s UI links to premium features, which can be frustrating.

Thread Reader simplifies reading threads.

Twitter threads are irritating because not all tweets are displayed at once. You may touch on tweets without knowing if you’ve read the complete thread.

ThreadReader (Opens in a new window). This website simplifies thread reading. Thread Reader is dual-purpose.

First, paste the top tweet’s URL into Thread Reader presents the thread as an article. This makes Twitter simpler to read.
Thread Reader’s Twitter account responds to “@threadreaderapp unroll,” tweets with a link to the thread. Thread Reader doesn’t require an account, although you can create one to gather unrolled threads.
A Twitter account enables you subscribe to a user’s threads and unrolled threads. Premium accounts start at $3 a month and let you export threads to PDFs, store threads to cloud services, and get real-time author alerts.

Thread Reader has issues. API limitations limit “unrolled” to recent threads, and private accounts aren’t supported. Thread Reader has restrictions, but any third-party utility does. It’s my favourite thread-expanding tool.

Thread the Needle

Twitter isn’t perfect. Untidy. So is Twitter, which is why it’s so popular, combined with a variety of technologies that make it less chaotic.

Make sure you know how to use Twitter safely and securely. If you want additional privacy, create a private Twitter circle or remove Twitter and your tweets.

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