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Twitter's Circle

Twitter’s Circle feature lets you tweet to a small set of followers, like Instagram’s Close Friends (and Google+). Twitter says, “Some Tweets are for everyone & others are just for people you’ve picked.” After a limited release, everyone can use the feature. Twitter’s circle-up instructions.

Create a Twitter’s Circle.

Tweet first. If Circle has rolled out to your account, you’ll see a Public button next to your profile icon, which indicates your tweets are sent to all your followers. Choose audience by tapping Public. Open the Recommended tab by tapping Edit next to Twitter’s Circle.
You can search for people you follow or browse a list. Click Add next to someone’s name to add them to your Circle. Add someone to the Twitter Circle tab. 150 people maximum.

Twitter’s Circles are private. When members are joined or removed, they aren’t notified. Those in your Twitter Circle can’t view interactions with your shielded tweets.

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How do I tweet my circle?

Choose Twitter Circle from Public. Tweet as usual. Click Retweet, select Quote Retweet, then convert the tweet to Twitter Circle.
Regular retweets and replies to tweets from outside your Circle cannot be forwarded to your Twitter Circle. A green notification will appear under a tweet sent to your Circle.
Only members of your Circle may see and interact with your tweets. Twitter Circle members can only observe interactions with their tweets. Your Circle members can’t rebroadcast your tweets to their followers or Circle.

What is a Circle?

Public > Twitter Circle. Then tweet normally. You can retweet to your Circle if you click Retweet, select Quote Retweet, then change Twitter Circle.
Your Twitter Circle can’t get regular retweets and replies from outside your Circle. When a tweet is sent to your Circle, a green notification appears.
When you send a tweet to your Circle, only members of that group can view it. Only members of your Twitter Circle can see a tweet’s interaction. Members of your Circle can’t retweet to their followers or own Circle.

How do I edit circle?

You know you can protect your tweets so only your followers may view them. Enable audience and tagging under More > Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety. Tweet safely.
Why not use this more secure method? Turning your account private has been the only option for years, but that may be too strong for some.

Twitter Circle lets you create a limited group of followers who can see specific tweets. You can tweet to the world or your Circle.

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