WhatsApp testing a feature that hides a online status for everyone


WhatsApp is working on a feature that its users have been clamoring for. When the messenger is active, the platform is testing new settings that allow users to disguise their “online” status.

App users will have control over who may see them via WhatsApp Beta Info, according to the website. The same settings are available for modes like “Last seen” and “Profile Photo” in the same configuration.

To put it another way, a user should be able to choose whether he or she wants everyone to know that he or she is online at any particular time. Here’s an example of what the tool would look like.

It is possible in practice to register that only your contacts will see the “Last Seen,” and to utilize the same choice for your online status.

When it comes to third-party programs monitoring users, WhatsApp has already started to hide “last seen” for contacts that the user hasn’t communicated within 2021.

More privacy will be provided by the upcoming innovation, which is still in development and has no formal release date. In addition, while you presumably have the app open, you won’t be charged for quick responses and even some people won’t disturb you because you can hide your online status.

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