Without adding the recipient to your phonebook, you can still send WhatsApp messages.

There are times when you need to rent service or negotiate the purchase of a product and need to start a fresh conversation on WhatsApp, but it’s not just for catching up with old friends.

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After a few days, your calendar may be overrun with pointless “temporary” contacts, clogging up your phone book. The good news is that you don’t have to enter your phone number to start a chat in Messenger. After that, get to know a few of them better.

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1. Whatsapp on a Web Browser

Using WhatsApp Web, the browser-based client for WhatsApp is the quickest way to send a message. In the event that you do not have access to it, click here for instructions on how to activate it on your PC. Continue to the following step after the phone has been paired.

Using WhatsApp Web, go to the following URL and put it in the address bar of your browser:


Instead of “X” put your desired contact’s full phone number. The first four digits (55 for Brazil and 11 for So Paulo) are the country and region codes. Press “Enter” to access the page after entering the phone number exactly as it appears on your phone, without any dashes.

Simply tap “Message” when the confirmation window displays to begin the discussion.

Ready! Now send the desired message to the number. The conversation remains in the WhatsApp list, but the number is not added to the phonebook.

However, we were unable to get the strategy to operate on Opera, only with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

2. In this case, if the other person is a member of the same social group as you, you should be wary.

Instead of selecting “Add to contacts” tap on the contact’s number and select the “Chat with…” option.

3. Third-party smartphone applications

On top of that, there’s a third option: an unofficial app that generates these conversations instantly by entering the desired number on its home page. WhatsApp Direct is the best app for Android users. Easy Message may be found on iOS.

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