Lofi hip hop radio

YouTube Removed “Lofi hip hop radio”

Lofi hip hop radio

Some YouTubers had a less productive Monday than others. ‘Lofi hip hop radio – beats for relaxing/studying to’ was taken down by the video site because of copyright error affecting. Lofi Girl Twitter posts videos of young girls studying tweeted the news, it was picked up by other Twitter users.

The video upload by ‘Lofi hip hop radio – beats for relaxing/studying to’ was taken down allegedly due to a bogus copyright strike, according to the information. The intellectual property notice for one of the Mix songs was sent by a Malaysian company, which brought production to a halt on Sunday (10).

The well-known live songs were still off the broadcast . As a result of the misleading copyright alert, the Lofi Girl profile team has asked YouTube to fix the issue via Twitter.

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Lofi Girl has received a fake copyright strike before. ChilledCow was taken offline in 2020 because to a copyright lawsuit. YouTube unbanned the account. In 2017, just months after the stream began, the same thing happened.

Skate 4’s confidential playtest got leaked. Skull and Bones for PS4 and Xbox One was cancelled.

Lofi Girl’s YouTube remark names the claimant as Malaysian label FMC Music. The true claimant may have been an imposter exploiting YouTube’s Content ID, which records copyright claims in the platform’s massive collection. Two people were indicted last year for perpetrating a $20 million Content ID scam. By building a legitimate-looking shell corporation, the couple monetized stolen songs.

YouTube has censored Lofi Girl before. YouTube said in a tweet that an internal fault led to the channel’s termination in 2020.

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