YouTube Shorts Allows Users To Crop Videos


YouTube has made it clear that it is worried about TikTok, and it hasn’t been subtle about it. A long-requested feature has now been added to the platform’s Shorts section. So that it easier for producers to quickly turn existing material into new shorts.

YouTube Shorts has surpassed the 1.5 billion monthly viewers threshold for the first time.
You may now create a “YouTube Short” out of a segment of a video you’ve already created on YouTube. It was launched on Thursday the 28th. It’s ironic that the platform was already doing this automatically, but wouldn’t let authors do it manually.
Edit and add additional clips into the same stretch if they’re less than the 60-second limit.

Google first wanted to use the Shorts for original content, it may now prefer using them as highlights in pre-existing video clips. The firm merely wants to help raise the daily volume of short films produced in its quest to compete with TikTok.

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Why did YouTube need to make short videos?

Although the clip was originally submitted as a conventional YouTube video. The firm was already transforming users’ vertical videos under 60 seconds into Shorts videos. In some cases, this was not a popular concept among the film’s makers. By making it easier for producers to cut off the best parts of their longer movies. YouTube hopes to expand the Shorts collection even further.

Google’s parent company, YouTube, appears to be concerned about TikTok’s short-form domination. A clear indication of the company’s belief that allowing YouTube Shorts to expand naturally through new, original video uploads is not enough to compete. A more effective strategy for creating new Shorts has been to use YouTube’s already existing long-form material. If a video is available on YouTube, it can be “remixed” into a YouTube Short unless the creators explicitly opt out.

The new tool, on the other hand, returns some control to the producers themselves.

Shorts material may now be created by selecting a portion of a video up to 60 seconds in length and utilising the same editing tools that are already available in the app, according to the company. To finish their 60-second content, they can either film extra movies using the Shorts camera or add gallery videos from the app.

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