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Snapchat Filters

Use Snapchat Filters to liven up your appearance and surroundings. You can be yourself in your office, bedroom, or kitchen.

Snapchat’s software offers amusing filters that apply effects to your face and background, from basic add-ons to complete makeovers. Some change your face and background.

Snap Camera is a PC software. By utilising Snap Camera and Zoom together, you may experiment with different filters, and everyone on the call can see your new look. Here’s how.

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Snap camera setup

If you don’t already have it, download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings(Opens in a new window) software. Next, download and install the Snapchat Filters Camera app. Open the Snap Camera app to see yourself in the camera viewer. Find a filter by browsing the categories or using the Search field.
After you’ve settled on a filter, open Zoom and join a meeting. At the video screen, change the camera source that Zoom will use. Click the arrow next to the Start Video button and select Snap Camera to switch from the default camera for the app.
Now click Start Video to turn your video on, and you should see your face with your current Snapchat Filters already applied. Remember that everyone in the meeting will also be able to see your filter.


During the meeting, you can modify the filter. To make Snap Camera easier to use, place it next to Zoom. Snap Camera’s filters modify Zoom’s face to match.
Close Snap Camera to return to your normal appearance and background. Click the arrow next to the Video button to switch back to your main camera.

Startup Snap Camera

Open the Snap Camera app and click the Settings icon in the top right to make the filters available at startup. Turn on Startup Snap Camera.

Now the programme starts automatically as you sign in to Windows, ensuring you’re ready for your next Zoom call.

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